A new low for Brisbane

I was planning my next blog to be something light like my friend Jake’s interview with the Banana Man but this has to get out into the public eye.

Tonight I walk in the back door of my house to see on the cover of the Sunday Mail in two inch tall bold text TEEN GOD SQUAD’S MIRACLE CLAIM – this story is complete trash, and dangerous to boot, with claims of healing the deaf, the blind, autism, cancer and other maladies. This is a dangerous situation where people could walk away from real treatments to be treated with this Bovine Fecal Matter. In the cover story there is less than half a paragraph of warnings against this type of practice with the bulk of the story singing the praises of these twenty-somethings.

Page 5 where the story continues there is another praise piece with all the miracle talk and the downplaying of the fact that doctors are saying that the person cured of his autism symptoms most probably was misdiagnosed, but that’s just fobbed off. The story just adds more Bovine Fecal Matter and may cause some people away from their doctors.

There is one almost saving grace on page 5 and that is one of the authors of the two other stories went to have his legally blinded eye cured but it does not work, in the beginning the author swept up in the emotion of the goings on believed it was working but before the “treatment” had finished he realised that it was not working.

Ok so you say to me what’s the harm well there is a great website that has all the information that you would ever need to know and all the deaths and injuries from every type of crank treatment it’s http://whatstheharm.net/ and I send people to it on daily basis.

So once again thank you for reading my rant, and my next blog I will talk about a great atheist interviewer and friend.