Today I would like to talk about two under appreciated podcasts, The Imaginary Friends Show.Com and Cognitive Dissonance

The Sunday just gone we were lucky enough to get the holy trinity together on the one podcast, Jake, Tom & Cecil.

The Imaginary Friends Show Dot Com podcast is coming up to its 200th episode, and in its two plus years of existence rarely if ever has failed to be enlightening, thought provoking, entertaining and sometimes controversial.
Jake Farr-Wharton and his merry band of real and mythical cohorts make for an easy listening hour of current events within the realms of science, medicine, politics, law and of course religion. There is often comedic skits performed or skeptically themed songs written and sung by Jake.
Jake has interviewed some of religions big names like Westboro Baptist Church grandson Ben Phelps and Kirk Cameron’s banana loving side kick Ray Comfort, with a style and grace Jake has humanized these fundamentalists.

Cognitive Dissonance Podcast is a younger podcast in its present form, with about 70 shows.
Tom and Cecil are to good friends who get together to share a laugh and openly mock the religious, the anti vaxxers and anybody else who pisses them off! These two guys are often referred to as crass and vulgar because of the amount of “bad” langue they choose to use but to this authors belief the subject matter discussed on the show demands strong langue, these days too many people are afraid today what they mean for fear of upsetting the religious! Well I say Fuck That! these religious pricks don’t mind telling us we are going to hell if we don’t tow their line.
For much of the run of Cognitive Dissonance Podcast it’s just been Tom and Cecil for the hour long show but recently they have brought in guests to interview like Jake from the previously mentioned podcast.

The teaming up of these three was such a great listening event, it was such fun to listen to these three having fun mocking such horrible events in current events. These guys are all so passionate about people thinking for themselves and not believing in invisible sky daddies!
One thing is for sure if something happens in religion these three guys will be on to it! And they will let you know just how stupid it is having invisible friends as an adult!

A bunyip stole my baby

Anti Theists and Atheist need to have thick skin!

It has really come to my attention that to be an anti theist or even a passive atheist you need pretty thick skin because you are going to see, read & hear some horrendous stuff! The stuff we hear is not what you would like to think of yourself, you know like we are going to hell and we are baby murderers!

The thing that really gets me is that if you are ever questioning or debating a fundamentalist christian/ muslim about the things they say or about the things in their bible they get annoyed very easily and start to dodge answering questions (even though they love it whenever we heathens cannot give quick and precise answers), and if you are really lucky and have one of the truly nasty points of the bible in your arguments then the fundamentalist will start to cry foul and claim that you are a nasty atheist and that you are just picking on them! Which is very hard to do considering all the laws around to protect the religious are not really there for the atheist, hell try to run for president of the USA and see how far you get! To me there seems to be a gap where one side the religious get a free pass to say and do anything and the other is the atheist who has to make sure not too offend the precious religious believer at all costs, where agnostic people run to the aide of the religious bigot over the free thinker!

It boggles my mind to see these people who basically do not believe in fairy tales but don’t come right out and say it like an atheist or the harder anti theist does, pandering to these bigots who see them as just as big a sinner as the atheist is. Let’s get one thing clear I am talking about the religious people who oppose contraception, abortion, LBGT equality, they burn books of authors they don’t agree with and willfully teach dogma in a science class, these are the dangerous people there are good religious people out there like Howard Bess a minister from Alaska who has tried to counter Sarah Palin and her strange views, there are countless other good men and women of faith who tirelessly give their time to help others without preaching. To those people I would like to make clear I am forever hopeful that you can come to your senses and for want of a better term see the light of science and rationalism.

But for you kiddie touching, gay bashing, abortion doctor killing and women’s rights opposing religious fundamentalists be on notice you do not have a right not to be offended I get offended by signs on your churches telling of hell and damnation.

A new low for Brisbane

I was planning my next blog to be something light like my friend Jake’s interview with the Banana Man but this has to get out into the public eye.

Tonight I walk in the back door of my house to see on the cover of the Sunday Mail in two inch tall bold text TEEN GOD SQUAD’S MIRACLE CLAIM – this story is complete trash, and dangerous to boot, with claims of healing the deaf, the blind, autism, cancer and other maladies. This is a dangerous situation where people could walk away from real treatments to be treated with this Bovine Fecal Matter. In the cover story there is less than half a paragraph of warnings against this type of practice with the bulk of the story singing the praises of these twenty-somethings.

Page 5 where the story continues there is another praise piece with all the miracle talk and the downplaying of the fact that doctors are saying that the person cured of his autism symptoms most probably was misdiagnosed, but that’s just fobbed off. The story just adds more Bovine Fecal Matter and may cause some people away from their doctors.

There is one almost saving grace on page 5 and that is one of the authors of the two other stories went to have his legally blinded eye cured but it does not work, in the beginning the author swept up in the emotion of the goings on believed it was working but before the “treatment” had finished he realised that it was not working.

Ok so you say to me what’s the harm well there is a great website that has all the information that you would ever need to know and all the deaths and injuries from every type of crank treatment it’s http://whatstheharm.net/ and I send people to it on daily basis.

So once again thank you for reading my rant, and my next blog I will talk about a great atheist interviewer and friend.

Is Pell out of touch?

After watching #QANDA on Monday night I saw a very jet lagged Richard Dawkins try to have a debate with George Pell who is the head peanut for the catholic church in Sydney Australia.

To start off Tony Jones the host/moderator was the only person on the pannel that looked fresh and well rested, Richard looked good for somebody who had flown half way around the globe to be here, he is in Australia for the Global Atheist Convention and a few other speaking stops during april, now as for the local George Pell he looked extremely tired and disinterested which as he had to travel to attend the discussion was very strange maybe the chocolate eggs take it out of him?

So the ‘debate’ started off with a couple of why be good if you don’t believe and what’s the point if you don’t believe which Richard answered these soft questions with style and grace it would probably be the millionth time he has answered these questions and Pell tried to poke holes in science but it just showed his lack of understanding of science, and Pell let swing with Godwins Law at exactly 10 minutes and 52 Seconds by saying that Hitler with his Nazi party and Stalin were atheists which is blatantly untrue as we know Hilter was supported by the roman catholic church and as for Stalin was an atheist but it could be said that he was a Leninist. George Pell also said how great the church was for women’s rights which could be laughed at because christianity is well known for misogynous beliefs.

While Richard Dawkins was trying to rebuke George Pell’s Godwin’s Law statement about Hitler the crowd cheered and laughed in support of Pell so Richard lent over to Tony Jones and said ‘nice unbiased crowd here tonight’. There was definitely a feeling of more support for the chief peanut.

So the gaff about Hilter would have been bad until George Pell decided to explain why the Jews had not moved forward and that was because they were not smart enough and Tony Jones pulled Pell up to say so you think that Jesus was not smart to which Pell looked confused and offended until he realised that he had made a big gaff and that the question was to clear up what he had said.

Now the “debate” continued on for another 30 minutes with a dull back andi forth Pell truely not understanding evolution and not understanding Richard Dawkins life work. Until the question of Adam and Eve to which George Pell said that it was a nice story but was not a factual happening at all so it seems that there goes original sin he showed how out of touch he is with climate change stating that it is not real and that things are all right in the world.

Now the hard question was asked about Same Sex Marriage I thought that George Pell was going to have a stroke or start to spit out bits of his teeth from clenching them so tight while saying that he has no problems with the ‘choices’ that gays choose to make.

So the ‘debate’ ended and nothing new came to light except that George Pell is a bigoted anti semite but the best thing was the QANDA vote which was Do you think that life is better with religion 76% of the 20,000 voters said no which is the best thing about the Monday night show.


Well this is the end of my first ever blog so please let me know what you think, all comments will be appreciated